LionKing Catering

Watch Chef Lamar run the WBFF FOX45 Morning Show anchors through a FOOD FIGHT!!! at Stratford University CLICK HERE

LionKing’s FOOD FIGHT! Can be tailored to virtually any budget, contact us today to get your quote!

Each team’s plate is judged on:

  • Flavor
  • Plating
  • OVER ALL cleanliness
  • Presentation

A plethora of common (and not so common) food stuffs grace the Food Grab Table

No, you wont look like this at the end of THIS FOOD FIGHT! lol

The FOOD FIGHT!!! Starts with a quick fire question and answer session to allow participants to win the use of a few PREMIUM food items (think BACON, specialty cheeses, and dairy)

Next, each team is given 10 mins to come up with the dish that they will prepare, utilizing anything on the Food Grab Table, any specialty items they may have acquired, AND the “secret ingredient” (your choice of protein).

Each team has 1 hour to put it all together and produce a plate for judging with the help of a trained Chef. While being judged, the team Chef will “finish” the dishes for the team they are associated with, for them to eat.